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Workstations and Servers

Update Optimization

Ensuring all your devices stay up to date is a critical step to maintaining a good security posture. We can help you with update optimization to ensure that your systems always get the latest security and quality updates as soon as they’re made available.

Data recovery optimization

When things go bad, you want to have recovery options. There are several data recovery solutions to choose from. Some are native to your devices and some are add-on services. Let us help you decide which option is best for your systems and help you configure them so you never have to worry about lost data. 

Data Encryption

If a bad actor gets physical access to one of your devices they can potentially steal sensitive information contained on the device or even gain full access to your network assets. Allow us to configure full disk encryption on all your assets to protect your data in the event a device is lost or stolen. Implementing data encryption is another security best practice. Don't let your data or your customer's data fall into the wrong hands!

New system builds and configurations

Our trained systems specialists can help you with server or workstation installs for all platforms, including Microsoft Windows, Chrome OS devices and Linux servers. 

Custom Automation

Menial daily tasks can cost you monetarily and in lost productivity when you consider all the time you’re spending on manually performing that task in a given week. Allow our automation experts to take that task off your hands and make it an automated effort that you no longer even have to think about!

Advanced Configurations and Complicated Software Installs

On any task you need assistance with, our dedicated IT staff is here to help! Give us a call and let us do the install and secure configuration for you.