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Cyber Security

Security Assessments

A good first step to identifying improvements needed in the security landscape of your environment is by doing a security assessment. This is a manual process designed to take a holistic look at your entire infrastructure and will help identify system vulnerabilities as well as administrative practices that may be leaving you susceptible to cyber attack or malware infection. Don't worry though, security assessments can fit in almost any sized budget, no matter how small. So give us a call and let us help you build a strong security posture for your business.

Vulnerability Scanning

You can’t secure what you don’t know. Vulnerability scanning provides us with a comprehensive list of vulnerabilities in your environment that an attacker will leverage when they launch an attack against your infrastructure. Automated scanning will show us vulnerabilities on everything from out of date software versions to misconfigurations on your systems. We will go over the results with you in detail and work with you to develop a comprehensive mitigation plan that fits your budget.

Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability management is continuous automated vulnerability monitoring. This will ensure that when vulnerabilities are mitigated that they don’t find their way back into your environment. It also ensures that as new vulnerabilities arise we are made aware of them so we can take immediate corrective action.

Managed Antivirus

With a managed antivirus solution, KDA Information Technologies will manage the next-gen anti-virus for all your systems. This allows us to take immediate action against live threats on your systems in real-time before those threats become security incidents. 

Systems Security Hardening

Think of systems hardening like putting bars on your windows and doors at home. If a determined attacker does try to breach your environment, they’re going to find it a lot tougher to do so and they are far more likely to leave evidence of their activities behind, which when coupled with active monitoring can alert us to their presence. Even without active monitoring, systems hardening is a cyber security best practice.

End User Security Awareness Training

No cyber security mitigation plan is complete without proper training. KDA Information Technologies will cater lunch for your employees and provide a 1-hour training session that will teach them multiple cyber security best practices and good cyber hygiene. This is not only beneficial for you and your company, but also for them personally. End user awareness training ensures that vulnerabilities introduced by the human element are also managed.